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01.AC Adapter (65W) for Acer TravelMate, Aspire Series Laptops.
02.Genuine Toshiba AC Adapter for Toshiba Satellite P10, P15, P25, PA3290U-1ACA, PA3290E-1ACA Series Laptops. 120W
03.Genuine HP AC Adapter for HP Pavilion zd7000, zx, zv5000, Compaq Presario 3000, R3000, PA-1121-12R, 316688-002, 317188-01, 344895-001, 360699-001, 393946-001, 394900-001 Laptops. 120W
04.External laptop battery charger Compatible with SQU-412, SQU-414, SQU-415, SQU-516, 3UR18650F-2QC-MA1, 3UR18650F-2-QC-MA6, 103329, 103926, 106214, 106229, 106842, 106868, 1533557, 1533558, 6MSB, 6MSBG, 8MSB, 916C3360F, 916C4720F, 916C5980F, BT.00603.048,
05.External battery charger for Toshiba PA5108U-1BRS PA5109U-1BRS PA5110U-1BRS PA5023U-1BRS PA5024U-1BRS PA5025U-1BRS PA5026U-1BRS PA5027U-1BRS PABAS259 PABAS260 PABAS261 PABAS262 PABAS263 PABAS271 PABAS272 PABAS273 Satellite C50-A C50D C50t-A C70-A S70-A se
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Frequently Asked Questions
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for online payment. We also accept money order or a cashier's check drawn on a US bank. You may also pre-pay by personal or company check. Once the check clears, we will fill and ship your order. Make checks payable to "Porta Power Technology Inc.".

You may also pay us at Our Paypal account is:
What is the warranty on my product?
Most of our products carry a one-year warranty. Defective items will be replaced at no cost during the warranty period. If you change your mind and want to return your item for a refund, you may do so within 15 days of purchase. Our policy is to refund the purchase price (not including shipping and handling fee) less 15% restocking fee.
How do I return a product?
We offer a full product refund on any product returned within the first 15 days of invoice. All products (unless noted on our site) are sold with the full manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty period and service varies by manufacturer and product. To return a product, please click the "My Account" link and login into our website. View the order containing the product you wish to return and click the "return this product" link to obtain a return number. We will then contact you via email to arrange the return shipping.
How do I see the status of my order?
You can track your package by clicking the link in the email we send you after you put an order and go back to your account in our website, or by clicking the link directly from the status email we send you after the batteries are shipped and it will take you to USPS/UPS website. You can also check the status by clicking the "My Account" link on top of our website and follow the instruction there.
Do I pay sales tax?
We collect sales tax on all purchases sent inside the state of California. The tax rate varies from 7.25% to 8.25% of the price of the merchandise depending on the cities or the counties. The shipping costs are not taxable. If you reside outside of California but your product is shipped here, to your hotel or your temporary residence, you are still taxable, according to California law. Resellers: please fax your permit to (408) 777-9005 and indicate on your order that you have done so. The same applies to the government offices that have a tax exemption certificate.
What do I do with my old battery?
RBRC or Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation will recycle old working and non-working batteries for laptops. Call them at (800) 8-Battery or look them up at
What is the difference between a LI ION battery and a NI MH battery?
"LI ION" stands for Lithium Ion and is the most advanced battery technology available to consumers today. Li-Ion batteries are 50% lighter than the NI MH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries and will run your device about 50% longer. They are, however, more expensive.
How do you ship your products? How fast can I get them?
Normally we ship our products by FedEx ground or USPS normal mail. After receiving the order, we will review and ship out the order at the same day if the payment is clear before 3 PM (PST).
How to obtain the best performance from the battery?
  1. After you receive the new battery, please charge the battery overnight(or at least 10 hours) before using it.
  2. Please discharge the battery at least once a month and charge it back to full.
  3. If you plug the power cord to the wall all the time please remove the battery out of your laptop PC in order to save the battery life.
What should I do before I use the new battery?
Please charge your new battery over 12 hours before initial use.
How to take good care of battery to maximize its performance
Battery will lose its charge if unused for a period of time. It’s necessary to recharge the battery after a storage period. After prolonged storage period, the battery require 2-3 times charge/discharge cycles to achieve maximum capacity. If you don’t plan to use the battery for a period of time (3-4 weeks), we recommend removing the battery from your laptop and store in a clean, dry, average temperature place and away from heat and metal objects. Please clean the battery contact with a cotton swab with alcohol (not too wet) to maintain the good connection between the battery and your laptop. It’s normal to become warm during the battery is charging and discharging.
Can I change my battery to a New Chemistry?
Unless the charging device has been design in the laptop and accept more than one type of rechargeable batteries, please don’t change your battery to a new chemistry. Please refer to your laptop user manual for the detail.
How long does battery last?
Under normal usage condition, the battery can be recharged 500 to 800 times. You will notice a decline in the run time of the battery after it being used for a period of time and its time to replace it when the run time come down to half hour.
What happen when my “New” battery doesn’t charge?
Because new batteries are shipped in a discharge condition so it must be charged at least 12 hours before initial use and these batteries are hard for your laptop to charge. Some times your laptop will stop charging the new battery before it is fully charged. When this happen, you can take following actions:
  1. Remove the battery from your laptop and plug it back to recharge. The charge cycle should start again.
  2. Please disconnect the power and turn on your laptop to run down the energy in this battery then recharge it.
How are Volts and Amps rated?
There are two ratings on every battery, volts and milliamp-hour (mAh). Some of our batteries will have higher capacity than your original battery. This is indicate a longer run time and will not cause any incompatibilities. In some cases, the voltage will differ from the original one and this often happens when both NiMh and Li-Ion battery are available for the laptop.
Battery forbidden:
  1. Keep battery away from fire or heat. Do not incinerate. Exposure of batteries to extreme heat will result in explosion.
  2. Do not expose the battery to rain or moisture.
  3. Do not hit, drop or abuse the battery because this may result in exposure of the cell contents which are corrosive.
  4. Do not short circuit the battery because it may cause damage to the battery.
Payment FAQ:
  1. What is a Card Verification Value (CVV)?
    The Card Verification Value (CVV) is a 3 or 4 digit numbers found on the signature panel on the back of your credit card. It is an additional safeguard that helps us validate your purchase and protect against fraud. It is not contained in the magnetic stripe information and is therefore not printed on sales receipts.
  2. Where is the CVV located?
    VISA, MASTERCARD & DISCOVERY: You can find your card verification code on the reverse side of your credit card, printed into the signature field. It is a 3-digit group for MasterCard, Visa, and Discovery.
    The American Express Card verification code is a 4-digit number printed on the front of your card. It appears after and to the right (above) of your card number.
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